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if it walks like an ostrich, talks like an ostrich…

November 28, 2008

And sticks her head in the sand like an ostrich – Yep, I am going to keep my head in the sand for one more day. So this post has absolutely nothing to do with India.

Rock on Angel…

Yes, that is a picture of Angel with the brand new pink ELECTRIC guitar my mother-in-law just gave her for her birthday. They went out for Chinese food and then shopping together to pick out her present. I can hear the collective sigh from all of you weighing heavy in the air. What was she thinking? And yes, there was even momentary talk of including an amplifier but Bear figured out the guitar took batteries – no amplifier needed.

But please, no pity here.


Our house has a basement – she can play it there. 😎 Seriously though, she LOVES it. She has already written at least 6 songs. They are all about Pooh Bear and the lyrics – well, they’re pretty much the same. (I get it – he is really cute. But she found 6 different ways to say it.) Tracy Chapman need not worry. No grammies will be stolen away this year.

Last night, after Thanksgiving dinner, the kids all performed a concert of sorts. Our little twin nieces banged on handmade tambourines, Flower played her recorder and her viola, Bear and our nephew banged the top of a plastic laundry basket (hey, a drum by any other name would sound as loud), and Angel rocked on with her pink electric guitar. And we all sang jingle bells together. It was a beautiful thing. So thank you Oma and Angel – Rock On!

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  1. Locohama permalink
    November 28, 2008 9:55 pm

    And I can say Pooh Bear, Pooh Bear can I hold you tonight, and maybe if I tell you the right words, at the right time, you’d be mine (-:
    (Tracy Chapman meets Pooh Bear) sung to Chapman’s “I’m Sorry”


    PS: The Japanese word for cute is “Kawaii” and it has to be the most overused word in the Japanese language. Entire industries here are built around the word. And they love the Pooh, too.(-:

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