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Interview with a Vampire (or me me)……..

January 8, 2009

Okay, I am not really a vampire – but an interview with me just did not sound as interesting. In the blog world, there is this thing called a me me – it’s a little chance for readers to get to know more (than they ever wanted to know) about the blog author – that’s me, yes, me. Miss Grace got interviewed and now I get to play along. She asks the questions, and I answer.  Bear with me – this might require some thought – stand back in case my brain explodes from actual use, I cannot be held accountable for the splatter. What? If Walmart does not have to corral their shopping carts, why should I? Anymeme, here it goes.

1.  What’s your favorite non-blog website/place to waste time on the internet.

I am sadly a facebook addict. It has been very fun to connect with friends from long ago – I have even met a future friend from India. Now that is cool. I also read skim the Times of India. And I cannot tear myself away from the craft sites where I have wholesale accounts. It appears I have more than one dark addiction demon in my computer life. (Really though, the blog sites are my faves.)

And I cannot, will not forget about Skype. That is how the kids and I talk to number one hubby – for free – everyday. It is a little piece of communication addiction that I embrace.

2.  What material thing/place (not a person) do you think you’ll miss the most when you’re in India?

Hmmm. Since you said not a person, you left open the door for other creatures. I am going to say my little cat Queso. She sits with me at the computer almost every minute that I am here and gives me scratchy cat kisses. She also purrs really loud. It’s going to be hard to top that. But the place would be my neighborhood and my newly renovated house. I love them both and it is very hard to tear myself away from home. I will also miss my double oven. Apparently my new oven is a large toaster oven that actually sits on the counter.

I am also a horrible creature of habit. So, I will very much miss my very comfortable routines.

3.  What everyday thing do you wish you could eliminate from your life forever?

This one is easy. Laundry. And the cat litter. And dishes. Okay – I will just say chores in general. This elimination might actually occur in India. If I can put the control freak in me aside and let others (literally) do my dirty work. Oh yeah, and I would not mind throwing mean or manipulating people out with the trash. No time for that. Maybe they could be recycled. Hey, I guess that could happen in India too – I understand they believe in reincarnation.

4.  Describe the first date you ever went on (in your life).

It was with Donnie. We went with his parents to Godfather’s Pizza. They sat way across the restaurant (with a direct view of us). And we sat at our own booth. It was very uneventful. We went on this date while he was on a break from his long-time girlfriend. They got back together – they honestly probably got married. At least they should have.

My best date was when hubby beat me home from work and made dinner. He locked me out because he was not done ironing the table cloth yet. (He has never done it since – and I really wouldn’t want him to – it would ruin the memory of him frantically ironing my grandmother’s tablecloth while I am banging on the door to get in.) I don’t remember everything he made but I remember being so mad that he locked me out of my own house. Then I felt horrible. It was really great.

5.  If you had to have one song playing constantly on a loop in the background for the rest of your life, which one would be the least likely to make you want to kill yourself?

I have a hard time making choices – it’s easier to say what I don’t want than what I do want. (You should see me at the Cheesecake Factory with its 500-page menu – all the possibilities – I almost end up in a straight jacket every time.) I would not want the hookie pokie (although we did play it and dance to it at our wedding) or the macarena (I never learned out to do it). But I have learned from my parenting experience that any song played over and over is not a good thing. Repetition is the fastest way to ruin a love of musical things – be it Barney or Beethoven.  It would have to be something without words – but definitely not No More Words. Maybe it would be a cd of Queso purring. Or the theme song to St. Elmo’s Fire. My younger brother learned to play that on the piano for me because I loved the song so  much.

Okay now you have me thinking – it might be Picture by Kidd Rock and Sheryl Crow – I love the way they are both thinking about what they have given up and how sad they are not to be together – but I hate the way they refuse to admit it – then they finally do in the end. It reminds me to (try to) not take number one hubby for granted. Even if he locks me out of the house.

Your turn – Wanna play? Post a comment here saying so (you can still comment here if you don’t want questions). Include your email address if it’s not built into your commenting settings. I’ll send you some questions. Answer them on your blog, and pass it on.

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  1. January 10, 2009 9:38 am

    Oh Josie – the power of the pen – I would not tempt you into revealing too much (I am involved in some of those stories my dear.) You have been bitten.

  2. January 9, 2009 9:32 pm

    ok, I’m in but be nice you know more about me than I probably want to remember. Donnie is ringing a distant bell in my noggin.

  3. January 9, 2009 7:55 pm

    Rhonda – I just bit you via email. Have fun! I can’t wait to hear your responses!

  4. January 9, 2009 7:38 pm

    Okay, I’ll bite. Fire away.

  5. January 9, 2009 2:44 pm

    Lola – he was teaching me the macarena – I am surprised he did it with out tripping over his keyboard – he must be more coordinated than he admits – I still can’t (won’t) do it.
    I simply cannot wait to read your world domination plans – make sure they are hairy aliens – no metrosexual leaders of the free world, please – Grace doesn’t know me as well as she knows you – so I got off easy! It is fun to “think outside the blog” though.
    I love me some cheesecake factory – maybe they make the wait so long so you actually have time to decide what you want before you sit down. And who knew you could do so much with cream cheese and sugar? Happy interviewing!

  6. January 9, 2009 1:08 pm

    What the hell is Badass babbling on about? That boy needs to get out 😉

    Great job, girl. I just got Grace’s questions for me, and you got off EASY. I have to be the leader of aliens and the free world and set public policy.

    I’m with you on the Cheesecake Factory. I sit there like a zombie weighing my options. That menu is to blame for the lines waiting to get in. It takes me longer to find what I want than it takes to stand in line, be seated and eat the damn meal.

  7. January 9, 2009 11:29 am


  8. January 9, 2009 8:19 am

    Badass – Gracias senor!

  9. January 9, 2009 6:43 am

    *puts left hand out in front*
    *puts right hand out in front*
    *turns left hand over, palm up*
    *turns right hand over, palm up*
    *puts left hand on right shoulder*
    *puts right hand on left shoulder*
    *puts left hand on left-back of head*
    *puts right hand on right-back side of head*
    *crosses left hand over, places it on right hip*
    *crosses right hand over, places it on left hip*
    *puts left hand on left butt cheek*
    *puts right hand on right butt cheek*
    *moves hips in a hula-hoop-type move*
    *jumps in the air, spinning to the right 90 degrees*

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