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Oh, the drama of it all…

November 12, 2008

I adore my children. I think they are great, most of the time. And just when I get a little cocky – one of them puts me in my place. Can you say “humble pie”?

Enter Bear.

With hubby gone so much, there is a lot to do around the house. And I feel like I am doing most – okay, all – of it. So tonight I enlisted the help of my son. I asked him to clean the cat litter. Now, this partly my fault, he should have been asked to do it more. At 11, he should be used to doing it. But it’s not that big of a deal. And honestly, I have been doing a good job of cleaning it every day. It’s not that bad. Or so I thought. Silly me.

Bear went downstairs to clean it out – minus a Hazmat suit and chemical warfare mask, which he apparently thought were essential. Bear immediately comes upstairs in tears looking for a big bowl – one of our throw-up bowls. I know. Give me a break. I am quite sure no one set off tear gas in our basement. If I am not careful, he is going to steal my academy award right out from under me.

Now Bear has had several emergency rooms visits because of some pretty significant respiratory issues – several that were quite scary. I always go with him. I will not leave his side. I become Mama Bear incarnate. Watch out! So, I am glad he knows I am compassionate when he is sick. I understand why he might feel this sudden turn of events might win him a little sympathy. Again, GIVE ME A BREAK.

Tell me you are having a hard time breathing and my world stops. All focus is on you. Got it. No question. And my world does not start spinning again until I know you are okay. You can get away with not cleaning out the litter box on those days.

Tell me, with tears in your eyes, that changing the cat litter is going to make you throw up – and I will have you do it everyday from now on – until you are 18. Seriously.

And, no, I am not going to tell him that there is a nice little man in India who is going to change the litter for him. He can sweat this one out.


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