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NYC4 – The statues of New York City….

May 5, 2012

When we lived in Asia and traveled about, I took a lot of pictures of statues and of course, I shared them with you in my posts about Singapore and Amritsar and Beijing and Mumbai and Thailand.

So, when we went to NYC, I figured maybe you’d like to see some statues from the Big Apple. I promise, this won’t be a history lesson. In fact, I don’t even know what most of them represent. But it will be tres fun to see them all, pinky swear! And there is a funny story at the end about Trump Towers.

I have to start with this lady. She is magnificent. I took this picture from a helicopter and I was mostly focused on not sliding forward into the windshield. So, the picture won’t win any National Geographic awards, but you’ll get the idea.

Then we saw these beautimous ladies at the Fashion Institute of New York. They just made me smile.

The crowd in the picture below would simply not get out of my way so I could get a picture with no real people in it. So rude, right? 🙂

These all made me smile because I could just imagine how much fun someone had creating them.

I am not sure what this one is. But I like it. Kind of looks like a lower case “i”. But it’s lower case, so the “i” isn’t all that important in the midst of the rest of the city. I like.

Technically, this wasn’t a statue but it was etched on the side of a building.

This guy hangs out at the ice rink at Rockefeller Center.

Also at Rockefeller Center.

This is also not technically a statue. It’s the commemorative motorcycle that Junior Teutal built for the 9/11 memorial museum.

Cool waterfall in Central Park. (Just fyi, that is probably not the scientific name for it.)

Wonderful eagle statue in Central Park. (Also not the scientific name.)

I took this from the lobby of a building full of restaurants and just love the way the windows framed it. The circle is called Columbus Circle.

That actually reminds me of the funny story of our lunch that day. I haven’t shared that yet. So lucky you, here goes.

Hubby is very smart. A compass was inserted into his brain when he was in his mother’s belly. I am pretty sure of that. He simply does not get lost. Except, apparently in New York City. Our first wrong train landed us in Brooklyn. We were the only ones on the train with some very smelly homeless people. It was not fabulous.

Then we got another train that (accidentally) took us to Harlem. I am fairly certain that aliens moved the train to the wrong track because, seriously, hubby never gets lost. You are guessing right if you think that might not have exactly been our planned destination.

When we walked up the steps of the station and saw the big sign that indicated we were now in Harlem, we looked at each other solemnly. Hubby silently prayed that I would not pull my camera out of my bag to take pictures to share with you dear readers, making us look like we didn’t really belong in Harlem. Pretty funny, right. My camera is the least of which could have made us stand out in Harlem.

But it turns out the part of Harlem we landed in was really lovely. It was clean and not at all crowded. No one really paid much attention to us at all. Unfortunately, it was also pretty far from our desired location of Central Park. It also turns out that not a lot of cabs frequent the clean, uncrowded streets of this part of Harlem – or any part of Harlem, I am guessing.

We started walking. And walking. And walking. At one point Hubby said, “It’s really just a few more blocks.” Ha. It was (way) more than just a few. I may not be able to do complex multiplication in my head but I can subtract one two-digit street number from another (much larger) two-digit street number to estimate that we had a long arse way to go. But we finally made it to the edge of Central Park. Which was beautiful and serene and held the promise of a soft seat and some food.

We were planning to eat at the Boathouse Restaurant, which was all the way on the other side of the park. Cabs were milling about now so we did catch a ride to the other end of Central Park. Once we go there, Hubby even stopped at the information booth to make sure we found the most direct route to a soft seat and some food the restaurant.

I snapped a quick picture because this has never happened before and I am quite sure it will never happen again.

We arrived at the Boathouse and it is indeed an amazing oasis situated on a small lake with open air seating and a flippin’ really long wait. We did not know that reservations are a good idea critical. We quickly decided that we might actually whither away if we didn’t eat asap and kept walking. (This is why you don’t need to worry about us eating all those cupcakes. We walked every single fleck of icing off.)

The first place we saw was a cafe with fru-fru food that didn’t really appeal to us hubby. We walked some more. Right past Tavern on the Green, which was closed. Yeah, more walking.

Then we came upon Trump Towers and saw they had a restaurant. Well, doesn’t that sound fun? Let’s eat there. We thought we might even get to see the Donald.

We went up the adorable hostess and declared our desire for a table. Then she tilted her head slightly and bit her bottom lip. Then she looked at us over the tip off her nose and looked at her hostess twin and said, “Um, yea, we don’t have any open tables ever right now for you. And unfortunately the bar and the patio are completely packed. Can you come back in 2 hours.”

I almost shot her. I swear. I mean, I know we had been walking for hours and we looked a little desperate for food but I had on a cute top and non-tennis shoe shoes. Seriously? What happened to “give me poor, your tired, your huddled masses.”

After walking for hours and paying for hotels and plays, we were nothing if not poor, tired, and huddled.

I started to defend us. Explain to her that I actually know which fork to use and how to put my napkin in my lap but I was zapped of energy at this point. So, we moved on and found a steakhouse that was amazing. They let us sit down right in the middle of the dining room, right in between the power lunches, and even brought us water and bread right away so we wouldn’t pass out on the spot. The name of the restaurant was The Porter House. You should go there. The food was even better than the carrot cupcake at Crumbs.

So that cool picture through the window is from the lobby of where that steakhouse was.

Now, back to the statues…

This lady (and her male friend) were also in the lobby of that building. If you are ever feeling tubby, just remember her. She was huge and completely naked (as was her friend) which seemed (completely) unnecessary. But they fed us here so all is forgiven.

And who doesn’t love a good elephant statue.

These guys sat still very nicely for their photo shoot.

And, that’s a wrap.

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  1. May 26, 2012 9:39 pm

    can anyone tell me where this darn elephant statue is located at, it’s for my moms. Thanks

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