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Lexile – find out what books your child should/could be reading……

March 25, 2012

If you have ever been to the library or book store with a child, you know full well how hard it can be to find a “just right” book for that child to read.

Well, Lexile will make choosing a book a (much) easier undertaking.

You can read the full details here – but I will try to break it down for you quickly.

Lexile analyzes the difficulty level of a particular piece (book, magazine article, etc) and assigns it a number. For example, Harry Potter has been given the rating of 88OL. (The “L” stands for Lexile. Clever, huh?)

Anybook, if your child has read a book that s/he was pretty comfortable reading – say Harry Potter – then you can enter a search for Harry Potter and find its rating. Then you can create a new search for books with a similar rating.  This, my parenting and teaching friends, is a great way to find just right books. And a way to simply find more books.

On the Lexile website, at the top of the homepage (right next to the “home” tab on the upper left corner of the site) is the “find a book” tab. Click it and you will be prompted for your child’s Lexile measurement. (You can also get an estimate of that by pulling up a book that s/he has recently read and seeing what it’s ranking is. Then use that ranking for your child as an estimate.) Then they will also ask what grade the child is in.

Then you are asked to select what types of books the child enjoys reading – mystery, fantasy, humor, etc.

Finally, you will get a long ‘o list of suggestions. Click on one that interests you/your child and you will get a summary of the book and a list of awards it might have won. They will also share links with you so that you can buy the book if you would like (through places like Barnes and Noble). Hey, they gotta pay the rent, too. 😉

This is also a wonderful place for grandparents to figure out what books to buy their grandchildren. Yeah for gift ideas!

Yes, it is indeed fabulous.

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