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Occupy Wall Street Alternatives……….

October 26, 2011

Yesterday I wrote this post about the Occupy Wall Street Movement. I wish I was here today with more clarity, but, alas, I am not.

However, I did remember my husband’s mantra – he simply cannot stand it when someone comes to him with problems and no solutions. So, today, dear blog readers, I will offer some suggestions for those who are occupying. This is perhaps targeted mostly to those who are losing steam with the great movement as the weather gets colder and are now more open to alternative approaches, but you just never know who might benefit from the ideas presented here.

1. If you are sitting outside of the offices where decisions are being made – decisions you don’t like – your impact on effecting change might be minimal. And if you are spending untold hours sitting outside those offices, you might have some spare time on your hands. Why not apply for an internship or an entry-level position in said offices so you can actually talk to the people inside those offices?

2. Set up a sandwich and a drink stand. Those people have to be hungry. You can be a part of the action and become an entrepreneur at the same time. Just think to yourself, “WWSJHD” – translation – what would Steve Jobs have done?

3. Pretty soon you will also be able to sell blankets, scarves, and mittens. Get those knitting needles out.

4. Sell toilet paper. 🙂

5. Sell really soft toilet paper and hand sanitizer. 😉

6. Sell toothbrushes and toothpaste. And perhaps some mouthwash and deodorant. See, the possibilities really are endless.

7. Team up with a recruiting company and canvas the crowds. Find out who really has what skills and help them find work. (If you make a kachillion dollars on this idea, please remember the writer who was occupying her blog and sending brilliant ideas your way – for free, mind you.)

8. Have a friend who can write well? Get them to grab a laptop and join you. You could crank out resumes for the recruiting company.

9. Split your demonstration time with some good old volunteer time.

10. If you still plan to mostly occupy, then make the most of your time there. Pursue a passion. Read books on something you are interested in learning more about. A new career might just be right around the page.

10. It is my understanding that the military is always looking for a few good recruits. Your newly acquired outdoor survival skills might just give you a boot in the door.

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  1. October 26, 2011 2:33 pm

    And other suggestion for those folks:

    Keep up your burgeoning, grass-roots, democratic movement. I love that you are letting everyone vote on everything and collectively coming to a fair and democratic platform.

    Please enjoy the free sandwiches, blankets, scarves, soft, sensitive papier toilette and moisturizers and sanitizers, tooth brushes and deodorant that we keep giving you as gifts for free in support of your movement.

    Don’t be disheartened that you could only afford print out 150 resusumes and everyone you gave them too, from the manager at McDonalds to Warren Buffet told you you were over qualified, under qualified, too old, too young, too this, too that. You get an A for effort and I appreciate your effort! Come to Washington, D.C. though because our Unemployment Rate is real low and we have more jobs than most of the country and more important people for you to protest.

    Write about your experience. Who knows, one out of 1,000 of you will get exclusive rights and the rest just didn’t know the right people but oh, well, you tried, so another A for effort.

    Hug Herman Kane. He loves you. He wants you to deliver pizzas for him. He says it’s your fault you’re not delivering pizzas.

    Go back to school. Yeah, I know, who can afford school now. But just do some community / 2-year college, cheap, and make sure you can transfer credits to a 4-year University down the road. The unemployment rate among high school drop-outs is near 20% now, and those with no college are unemployed at a rate of 10% or so, but we college graduates are still chugging along at a very low 4%-5%. Knowledge is power, it’s great to learn! Copyright the National Broadcasting Company.

    Oh, and please study something that will be useful in the future economy: Science and Engineering. Science can lead to Medicine, and think of all the cool things you’ll build as an Engineer. I know, numbers are scary. I love ’em but yes, they are scary. But trust me, I know you can do it. You’d be surprised at your potential. Now go build me an American Made Solar Panel! Thanks! And also, thanks for spending all that time in Medical School because I need someone to take care of me when I get old. Thank you thank you thank you!

    Anyway, my last request to you guys is that you keep up that grass-roots democratic process there and build something political. Shake up the establishment and show Washington how to wrest itself from gridlock. I know you guys are capable! I know you guys can do it! And tell the Congress to forget balancing the budget in these dire times and put more money in the economy so that we can get some proper, solid growth, create jobs and solve world hunger! Somewhere a bridge needs fixing, somewhere a road needs paving, somewhere a house needs building! Bring me stimulus and get those shovels pushing!

    Thank you!


    And Electric Car nut!

  2. October 26, 2011 10:46 am

    I am working on it dear! Smooches!

  3. October 26, 2011 8:56 am

    Another suggestion to Occupy Wall Street. Go to and find work for yourself.

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