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I am not a fan………….

November 9, 2010

If you live any where near a tree, you probably have seen these little boogers.

They are called stink bugs. And apparently the Japanese gave us more than just those lovely Cherry Blossom trees that we enjoy every spring. Urban legend holds that someone moving back to the U.S. from Japan probably brought these critters back in their shipment. Yeah, thanks. I brought back scarves and singing bowls when we moved back from Asia. Just sayin’.

Because these buggy bugs didn’t originate in the U.S., they apparently don’t have a predator – except possibly the praying mantis (of which there aren’t many). So lucky us, these guys are multiplying like rabbits and they are flippin’ everywhere. And I am not a fan. The worst thing about these guys is that they are like dive bombers. They are trying to go up so they just keep hitting the ceiling – over and over again.

So sorry the picture is blurry. I took it with my phone and I h.a.t.e. bugs so I might have been a little shaky when I took it. This guy was on the bulletin board in front of my desk. So I looked up this morning to this little surprise.

Did I mention, I hate bugs. I hate these guys so much that I even had a nightmare that hundreds of them were stuck in my hair. God help me.

I have tried a few things to lessen their numbers in my home, but really to no avail. One problem is that, supposedly when you kill one, it will  release a pheromone that sends a message to the others to come. That does make me question their loyalty to their own kind – when they are killed, they send out a message “danger, the humans are attacking, come here quick.” Hmmm.

Other people have said that when you smoosh them, they really stink. Hence the name – stink bug. I am not so great on the ability to smell so that really never bothered me but the thought of more coming does not appeal to me in the least.

So then someone told me to flush them down the toilet. That was brilliant – no pheromones. But then I am thinking that I am now wasting an entire toilet bowl of water just to get rid of one bug. And, the beyond the whole “there are people with no water in this world, how dare I waste it” issue, what if the bug doesn’t die and stays in the toilet. That is a surprise I am not willing to risk.

The other problem with trying to eliminate them is that my dear sweet Flower pretty much called me a murderer when I crushed one in front of her. “Isn’t every life valuable? Why should the bug have to die?” Seriously? At least she is getting her own syrup now. 😉

I offered to let her hand carry each and every one of these guys from inside our home and lovingly put them outside our home. That did not appeal to her and she is reconsidering her stance on capital punishment. As I said, God help me.

Anybug, this morning, when I saw this dude, I did what any smart woman would do. I went and got my phone so I could take a picture (for you dear readers) and I went and got my husband so he could dispose of it properly.

Yes, this drives him nuts. Because I am actually perfectly capable of doing this myself. Sure. But he is also perfectly capable of taking his own dry cleaning to the cleaners. So, this might just be the glue that holds our marriage together – he is willing to kill bugs for me and that is one big fat deposit in the marriage bank.

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  1. Rishi permalink
    November 10, 2010 6:50 am

    I have pretty much the same problem with ‘ants’ in my house. The more I kill, the more they come. Sometimes, I feel they are out just to get me. 🙂
    Btw, bugs in the house always remind me of “Joe’s Apartment”.

  2. callezee permalink
    November 10, 2010 2:03 am

    Beautiful description….

  3. November 9, 2010 11:59 am

    Nice description on how the bug bugs you:)

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