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My Blogological Clock is Ticking……….

September 15, 2010

Yep, it’s officially almost been forever since I have connected to the blog world – well, maybe not forever, but almost a month – which in reality means most of you have probably forgotten all about me. Boo hoo. Heck, I can’t really blame you – I have nearly forgotten about ole what’s-her-face myself.

I don’t think I am busier than you, pinky swear, I don’t. But it has been nutty around A Reason To Write land. School started. Sports started. Laundry never stopped. Cooking, cleaning, and driving myself restarted. Research has started on how I can actually get p.a.i.d. to write – because as much as I love sharing my stories with all of you for f.r.e.e., somehow “paid” sounds better especially when my children don’t believe me when I tell them that I am not really sure they are cut out for college. I even did some work on a children’s book idea I have – yes, you remember correctly that my husband is in the publishing business – and yes, you are absolutely right dear blog reader, I should absolutely be taking advantage of that. I have done a few book reviews that you can read about over at A Reason to Read.

But have no fear – or be very afraid – not sure which is the best advice – but I have lots left to share with you – it just might be slow going for awhile. So please be patient and don’t forget about me. 😉 Check back every now and then or sign up to get emails when I actually get something written. You can do that in the upper right hand corner of the blog where it says “subscribe here”. That way you can save yourself the utter disappointment of returning to my blog time after time only to find there is nothing new on the home page. An email will come right to you saying “she’s at it again”.

Until next time………

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  1. September 15, 2010 2:39 pm

    We’ll be checking on you with pins and needles.

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