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Whose child is that…………..

June 22, 2010

I remember very well when September 11th happened. I remember being so grateful that my oldest child was just 5 years old and there wasn’t a lot of explaining I had to do. He wasn’t on the bus to hear the stories or in the cafeteria. Thankfully, we did not lose any friends or relatives that day. I prayed hard and paced in front of the news but he was blissfully unaware that it seemed like the world had just been turned upside down and inside out – well maybe not the whole world but certainly many little corners of it.

That was….


his very precocious friend who was the youngest in a family of four walked in the door for a play date. He no sooner had his tennis shoes off before he was telling Bear all about the “bad guys” who had blown up a building. I remember very distinctly thinking – holy 9/11 batman – now I have to explain this to my innocent little Bear who doesn’t really know bad guys exist – right after I delete this monkey’s phone number from our address book. Seriously, his mom couldn’t tell him to keep a lid on it?

Fast forward a few years……. yep, you pretty much know where this is going – down hill fast.

Angel (who is merely 8 years old) was in a swim lesson today and they were talking about the bottom of the water and how you should pretend like there are alligators in it so that you don’t touch the bottom. The instructor asked if alligators live in rivers. Angel raised her hand and said,
“yes, they do. And, in some rivers they burn dead bodies.”

Now, this is a result of her living in India and visiting Nepal and actually seeing this happen. But I am sure most of that will be lost in translation at many dinner tables tonight. And when the parents are all trying to figure out “whose child that is” tomorrow at practice, I will simply shake my head and say “I am trying to figure that same thing out – did you hear what that child said? You’d think they lived in India or something.” 😎 Hmpf.

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