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What do you mean we are out of water…………..

October 30, 2009

Coming from the land of plenty, running out of water is a new phenomena to me.

I don’t think it has ever hafaucet hot coldppened to me before we moved here. Running out of hot water, sure – but running out of water altogether? No so much.

We have easily survived water shortages in the U.S. Someone announces we are reaching dangerously low water levels and we should all stop watering our grass and washing our cars. Not really a big sacrifice – especially if you weren’t doing those things in the first place. Shhhh. I am not a big car washer or grass waterer. Tell me to take two chores off my list I wasn’t going to do anyway – fine. Happily. Done.

But in India, there is the real potential to be out of water. Completely out. There are lots of people who never get it in the first place – so they aren’t out of water – they just never have it. It’s hard to fathom really.

The other day our water tank was empty. Empty? No water. Not even one drop. It ran completely out. Hmmmm. Give me a second to digest that. Empty? What happened?

Well, it turns out the guard is supposed to turn on some faucet somewhere and fill our tank. He is supposed to do that twice a day. We have new guards (long story) and apparently they did not get the memo. The night guard did not turn on the faucet. Righto.

So someone called someone and a big water truck showed up a couple of hours later. They filled our tank. It took about 5 people to watch the hose fill up the tank. Kind of funny really. In India, it often takes lots of people to complete even the simplest of tasks. Then our cook told me that the tank was dirty and that “hopefully” they cleaned while they were here filling it up. Yeah – gross. And, even more so, yeah – hopefully. We now have water – how clean it is, I really cannot be sure.

Then this morning, in the middle of my shower, the water instantly turned cold. Brrrrr. Then it stopped. Completely. It completely stopped coming out of the faucet. Did I just put conditioner in my hair and soap up? Dumb question – of course I did.

Wait. one. minute. Didn’t we solve this problem already? Doesn’t everyone know to turn on the faucet – twice a day?

I hopped out of the shower, cracked my door ever so slightly, and called out to our cook. I asked if anyone was running the water in the kitchen. It is strangely connected to the bathroom – so I was hoping against hope that they were cleaning up and that the dirty dishes could wait. He. was. not. using. the. water. ARGHHH. Now we have what you call a mystery.

Back to the bathroom. I turned the water back on. Mystery mysteriously resolved. There was once again water coming out of the faucet and now it was scorching hot. I turned down the heat and finished my shower and got dressed.

Number One Hubby is at work, so I went into the kitchen to explain the injustice of it all to someone, anyone who would listen. I had conditioner in my hair for pete’s sake. That water was cold. Dag nab it. It was all terribly inconvenient.

I started to tell my tale of woe to my cook – yes, that would be my cook who takes water home from my house every night because his water makes him sick if he drinks it. I doubt he has a bathtub or much hot water – I wonder if he even has an indoor toilet.

Yes, I shut the h-e-double toothpicks up and quickly decided I didn’t have much to complain about.

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  1. November 3, 2009 8:39 pm

    Well, your hair must be silky smooth after leaving that conditioner in so long 😉

  2. Tottsmom permalink
    October 30, 2009 6:13 pm

    ROFL!! This was great, it brought back old memories of when I was a kid. No, I did not grow up in India, but I did grow up in the country(Ok, so my husband says I did not grow up in the country. I beg to differ. My arugment being, that if your school bus stops EVERYDAY for the dairy cows to cross the road, you grew up in the country. His argument, It only takes like 8 minutes to get to the Mall, but the Mall was not there till my teenage years. anyway I digress). We had a well. And yes, I’ve been in the shower all lathered up when the well ran dry. Nothing to do but wait on mother nature.

  3. October 30, 2009 3:05 pm

    Reminds of living in Spain, where our water was heated by butane, located on the roof. Nothing like running out of butane in the middle of your shower–in the middle of winter–and having to run upstairs and outside to change the bottle. It has made me grateful to now be living in a country that heats its water in a more “normal” way.

  4. Kirk Childress permalink
    October 30, 2009 10:00 am

    thanks for highlighting a problem to which most americans are oblivious. In the near future it could easily be someone in a shower in southern california with the same problem unless we are wise about our water resources.

  5. Jasmeet permalink
    October 30, 2009 9:38 am

    Hahahahaha E, well written post! I do feel sorry (for you) but the post was just too hilarious man! Just can’t stop laughing!
    Next time, I suggest if yer going for the long haul, ask the cook to go up stairs and check the water level in the tank, Lol!


  6. October 30, 2009 7:12 am

    Perspective is everything.

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