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When the stars line up……

March 19, 2009

Many of you know, I used to own a stationery business ( Moving to India put that on hold (for now). I was (more than) a little sad to think of not being creative – but holy guacamole – I found the paper store to die for. It is called Four Seasons and it is in Jor Bagh. Rohit runs it – he is delightful. He used to live in New Jersey and he misses Dunkin Donuts. What’s not to love! I mean, he sells beautiful paper and he loves doughnuts – we were destined to meet.

Rohit tells me that Oprah’s friend Gail has shopped in his store. (Yes, I mean THAT Oprah.) Maybe I will run into her. He showed me which paper Oprah likes and I swear I almost bought him out of it. You can tell her to contact ME if she would like some more. A little handmade paper blackmail maybe not be that impressive so I will lurk in the shadows hoping to spot that BFF of hers.

So anypaper, here is a small sampling of the handmade papers I bought there…


It turns out that the paper is made by handicapped children. Seriously, that is a little gift. Because now when I buy it, I am helping to employ handicapped children – it’s almost charity. How can you argue with that?

The stars are definitely lining up. Invitations anyone?

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  1. Jasmeet permalink
    March 20, 2009 6:44 pm

    Thanks, areason2write. Very few blogs about New Delhi where an expat is taking the trouble not to whine or rant. Love your ramblings, make sure you keep the content meaningful.

  2. Paul permalink
    March 20, 2009 6:41 pm

    It’s my favourite market; I can be spotted there often. If I bump into you, I’d come up to say hello. (Now bring out his microscope to look at her picture). 😛

  3. March 20, 2009 6:01 pm

    Very pretty.

  4. March 19, 2009 11:12 pm

    Lola – hi vampire!

  5. March 19, 2009 10:31 pm

    Sooooo pretty!

  6. March 19, 2009 9:30 pm

    Tottsmom – amazing!

    CanIRemain – you don’t write on them – I cut them and layer them on paper you can write on – they are so fun!

    Paul – I will go there next – Khan market is one of my stomping grounds!

    Jasmeet – thank for coming by my blog! I don’t write on the paper – I cut it and layer it with paper you can write on.

    Rhonda – they almost feel like fabric – they are gorgeous!

    Ke – you are so right! And yes, I believe Oprah has been to India. I don’t think Rohit has a website – but I will ask and let you know.

    Josie – They run any where from $1.00 a sheet which is about the same size as three 8.5 x 11 sheets of paper to $3.00 a sheet. Most of them are at the lower end – more like $1.50 a sheet – let’s just say that I am contributing nicely to the “charity” of my choice!

    Laura – you got it chicka! And yes, I am going to figure out a way to meet Gail and then Oprah. By the way, I saw a tourmaline (sp) necklace at a schmancy shop the other day – and frankly mine from your line is prettier! 😎

  7. Laura permalink
    March 19, 2009 8:51 pm

    Please save some of that gorgeous stuff for your return to the states – it’s beautiful! Don’t you think Oprah would like some handmade gift cards out of that paper? Wouldn’t they look fetching in O Magazine’s list of hot items?

  8. March 19, 2009 8:43 pm

    Oh, I am so drooling!!! One of my addictions is handmade paper – lucky lucky you! Just out of curiosity: how much per sheet? I have paid up to $10 a piece for similiar paper in places like NYC or San Fran.

  9. March 19, 2009 7:44 pm


    I wonder what Gail was doing in india? Has Oprah ever been to India?

    Is there a website for this store?

    It’s too bad many Indian arts and crafts stores don’t have an on-line presence. The goods I see in the states from India, are sold at exorbitant prices and if these stores had an on-line presence, they would get customers from around the world who’d even be willing to wait a little longer to receive their goods.

  10. Rhonda P permalink
    March 19, 2009 4:20 pm

    Wow! They almost look like fabric!!!! Gorgeous!!!

  11. Jasmeet permalink
    March 19, 2009 2:35 pm

    @Unknown – This kind of paper is not used to write, it’s usually used to wrap gifts at stationary or gift shops.

  12. Paul permalink
    March 19, 2009 12:49 pm

    Look up another place, at Khan Market. There’s a gift and stationary shop next to Rama Photo Shop in the front side of the market and clearly visible. Walk from Baharison’s Bookshop towards Chona’s and its the 4th or 5th shop.


  13. CanIRemainUnknownPl permalink
    March 19, 2009 12:30 pm

    Awesome! They look like cloth though, how do you write on them?

  14. Tottsmom permalink
    March 19, 2009 10:15 am

    Wow, those are really pretty amazing. ( I was going to say beautiful, but Deep beat me to it. :))

  15. March 19, 2009 8:50 am


    Completely random thought – “holy guacamole”…thank you, now I know how to spell that.

  16. March 19, 2009 6:57 am

    Badass – it is very cool – I wish I could share the textures!

  17. March 19, 2009 6:31 am

    Very cool! Handmade paper is always interesting.

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