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Give that fan a contract……………..

January 17, 2009

These are the people who I don’t think get paid enough.

My husband – not really – but just in case his boss reads my blog. You never know. There is always room for improvement.

Teachers – obvious.

Preschool teachers – even more obvious.

Preschool teachers who do not require their students to be potty trained. No brainer.

Janitors at schools. If you have ever stepped one foot in an elementary school cafeteria, this requires absolutely no explanation. None whatsoever.

Let’s just say all janitors. I am especially sympathetic after visiting several public restrooms recently.

Maids at my house – oh, that’s me. I am going to triple my own salary – hey I deserve a raise – let’s see 3 times zero is – I’ll have to ask my son the answer to that one – it involves math.

Policemen – obvious.

Firemen – obvious.

Nurses – they really are so helpful. And if they can give a shot without having to rake me off the ceiling – they deserve a bonus.

Office staff at the doctor’s office – if they can figure out the insurance payment procedures, they not only deserve a raise but also an honorary doctorate from Harvard.

Coaches – not professional coaches (like NFL and NBA coaches – they are just fine) and not psycho, screaming parent coaches – but you know, the ones (some are parents – some just love the game and want kids to love the game). They spend hours of their free time helping our children become more coordinated, knowledgeable, and sportsman-like athletes – giving you time to run to the grocery store unattended. Yeah, we could pay them more.

Trash collectors – seriously – would you want to do it? In the rain and in the snow and the cold and the hot. One weather day is worse than the next. Ick.

Stay at home moms. Wait, is nothing too much to get paid? Oh yeah, we get paid in peanut butter kisses and laundry and funny stories to blog about. But compensation that has tax implications would not be so bad. Alas, my fine unpaid friend – 3 times zero is still zero (Bear clued me in) – but the peanut butter kisses – they are free. No 1040 required.

Okay, working parents don’t paid enough for their parenting expertise either.

Bloggers – yep, that’s me, too – yep, we do it for the love of the write. Apparently some bloggers get paid – but I have not figured that one out yet. Give me time.

The tooth fairy and Santa Claus. If you have ever been “forgotten” by one of them, you know their jobs are critical. And Santas at the mall should get a little bit extra. Can you imagine doing that all day? Bah.Hum.Bug.

Crafters – hand-making anything and trying to sell it – now that is a job – either put those poor crafters out of their misery or double their pay immediately.

Facebookers – no wait, that’s just me trying to turn my hobby into a pay check. Sorry.

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  1. January 19, 2009 11:26 am

    Loco – I think I will certainly add commuters to the list – especially when I get to India. welcome back!

  2. January 19, 2009 1:37 am

    being a teacher I second that emotion, and a blogger, and a facebooker, and a…what the hell else do I do? Oh, yeah…I think all commuters, especially in Japan, should get a little commuter monthly bonus. Foreigners a little less because we have more room than the natives (-;


  3. January 18, 2009 4:42 pm

    Lola – Hey, I am getting fat enough – if I only I had a long grey beard – yeah, I know, be careful what I ask for!

    Miss Grace – they are so quiet I forgot them – so sorry! Shhhhh!

  4. January 18, 2009 4:41 pm


  5. January 18, 2009 1:41 pm

    From what I hear, a good Santa gig rakes in quite a lot if you have a real beard that the hysterical tots can’t pull off.

    I know I don’t get paid enough for any of my jobs either, and I think it’s time to rise up and get our new president to pay us for being home in the trenches with our kids. Everyone gives lip service to it being the most important job, so pay up! He’s looking to create millions of jobs? There you go, SIMPLE AS THAT.

    Hey, I think I just came up with my next blog post 😉

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