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Wrinkle Number Two…………….

January 6, 2009

Oh wouldn’t it be nice if this story ended with my little tirade about how our pets did not make it to India. That would have been lovely. But, alas that was not the rest of the story.

Number One Hubby finally arrived in Delhi after a very long layover in Dubai. It turns out that Delhi has a lot of fog and that can make planes and flight schedules get delayed – very delayed. He landed in Delhi about 7 hours later than he had planned. No one is upset about this at all. Weather is weather and we are thankful that the airlines played it safe. It just means that Number One Hubby traveled for about 36 hours straight and is most likely very, very T-I-R-E-D.

However. Number One Hubby landed in Delhi minus his luggage. Now that I take issue with. Here is why.

First, the luggage was a gift from my parents for Christmas. It’s brand spankin’ new. And I technically have not even gotten to use it yet. It’s like getting a big double scoop of your favorite ice cream, just to turn too quickly and watch it (ever so slowly) splat on the (very dirty) ground.

Also, the luggage was mostly filled with my clothes. My new clothes. My understanding is that in India the women wear mostly long pants and their skirts all cover their knees. A quick looksie at my closet told me – it is time for a change. So, I went at the end of the summer season and bought some (really, really fun and cute) things to wear in India. Many of them still have the tags on them.

So, I have not gotten to use the suitcase and I have not gotten to wear my new clothes.

Additionally, the school has a two-inch rule. The kids cannot wear anything that is more than two inches above their knees. (By the way, I love this rule.) So, since it is cold here, I packed all of the kids shorts that met the standard into my (brand new) suitcase. Yes, when I say ALL of them, I really mean ALL of them.

And finally, number one hubby bought a brand new electric razor while he was home. It was a good one – it promises to do all the things the ones that came before it simply could not do. I think it is supposed to whisper sweet nothings in your ear as you use it. I think it might even close the toilet lid. It’s shiny and bright and purdy. It has never been used. It might not ever get used. Well at least not by us.

Number One Hubby does not have the claim ticket. There is no telling if the claim ticket ever made its way into Number One Hubby’s possession. There was a lot going on at the counter when he was checking in. (You can read about Wrinkle Number One here.) But he does not have it now. Now would be a (very) good time to have it.

This is not looking too good.

I am off to remind myself that this will all make a very funny story one day. I can hear myself laughing now. Or maybe that is crying – I am really not sure anymore.

P.S. Yes, I get the irony in all of this – that maybe it is better that the cats were not actually on this flight. I am just crossing my paws that they make it onto the next one and actually arrive in Delhi with us. Karma Shmarma.

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  1. boston123 permalink
    January 15, 2009 8:55 pm

    Try the non stop flights from New York or Chicago to Delhi. It is a 14 and a half hour flight, and the flights arrive in Delhi around 8.45 or 9.30 pm.. well before the fog begins to shut the airport down( typically after 1 am). Also these flights let you take the pain in one shot.. instead of the 2 legs you need if changing flights in Europe.

  2. January 6, 2009 4:28 pm

    Miss Grace – me too!

  3. January 6, 2009 1:11 pm

    Oh dear. Suck. I hope it’s recovered.

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