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FReQueNTLy aSKeD QueSTiONs…………

January 2, 2009

There have been a lot of questions about our move to India – the first one I always get is – Where did you say? (then they stop whatever they are doing and turn to look me right in the face) – Excuse me, did you say India? That is, in fact, what I said. And don’t worry, I had the same reaction.  Hmmmmmm.

Here are some of the questions I have gotten so far, and the answers I have given:

Q: Lately, the most popular question has become – isn’t that where the terr*rist attacks were?
A: Sort of. Okay, yes. That is where one of the (many) terr*rists attacks has occurred in the world. These particular attacks were in Mumbai along the coast. We are moving to Delhi. In the north and land-locked. And, by all accounts our neighborhood is a pretty good one. We are pretty close to the American Embassy and the kids’ school.

Q: Are you going to live in a mansion with 20 servants who brush your teeth for you?
A: Not exactly. We chose a nice neighborhood pretty close to the kids’ school. We don’t have much square footage – but we live near a lovely park with lots of grass. And I will be brushing my own teeth.

Q: Yes, I said school. No need to ask if I am homeschooling my kids in India.
A: Although it does create a chuckle – the answer to that is – not even on a bet. I completely respect those parents who chose to do that. But I am fully aware of my limitations and this one might just be at the very top of the list of  things I cannot and should not do.

Q: Do they speak English?
A: Yes, Hindi and English. Obviously, there are different levels of abilities in speaking English – but I should be able to communicate without too much trouble.

Q: Isn’t it really hot and dusty there? Like, really hot and really dusty?
A: Yes and yes. Like, Very hot. And Very dusty.

Q: How close is India to Pakist*n? I can see where they are going with this one. Got it.
A: Pretty close. At lot closer than the U.S. And I know why they are asking this – India and Pakist*an are not BFFs. Not even close. Also, Delhi is not too extremely far from Kashmir. (If you are not aware of the danger in Kashmir – think of Disneyland and then think of exactly the opposite of that – fireworks are still included to light up the night sky – but they come from ammunition – not Mickey Mouse.) But I have no plans to take my children any where near either one of those places. I think there are some pictures on the internet I can peruse with them. And that is not to say that there aren’t some pretty good reasons for visiting both of those places, but I happen to  have a low level danger-tolerance threshold.

Q: What is the time difference?
A: 10 and a half hours – they are ahead of us. Nope, I don’t know why 1/2 hour is included. But it is.

Q: Do animals really roam the streets.
A: Yep. There are a lot of stray dogs and there are monkeys and cows – even the occasional elephant – and we’ll see what else.

Q: How long is the flight?
A: It takes about a day to get there – about 18 hours of flying time and the rest is layovers and waiting. And, yes, I hate to fly.

Q: What are we doing with our cats.
A: Two are coming with. One is visiting (very generous) friends for four months.

Q: Will I have to cover my head?
A: No, Delhi is a modern democracy and has a heavy Western influence. Most people wear long pants and long sleeves all year round. I will find out for sure, but I think that is partly an attempt to avoid malaria. They have quite a few mosquitoes there. I do plan to buy at least one sari though and I very much hope to be invited to an India wedding while we are there.

Q: Will I drive?
A: No, we will not drive ourselves. Apparently this can be a dangerous undertaking. Remember my low threshold for danger? Number one hubby doesn’t even like to sit in the front seat. It is going to be very different.

Q: Will you have room for visitors?
A: Yes, and we would welcome you to come.

Q: What are you doing with your (newly renovated) home?
A: Keeping it. It won’t fit in the boxes. Dang.

Q: Do they have McDonalds?
A: Yes. Unfortunately. And Pizza Hut and Dominoes and TGIFridays and a bunch of other stuff. McDonalds does not serve beef – but they have a potato burger. We’ll see about that. Number one hubby thinks their ketchup is delicious.

I have had a lot of questions too – especially now that I am in action mode. If you think of something youwould like to know – pass it along and I will share or, if I don’t know, find out the answer.

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  1. January 5, 2009 8:44 am

    Josie – it should be great – there is actually a lot that I am looking forward to.

  2. Josie permalink
    January 3, 2009 10:02 pm

    The experience you will give your children will change their life direction! I know that the company that you will be with will help keep all safe. I have several friends living expat in other countries with their children and it is such an education!

  3. January 3, 2009 9:06 pm

    Lola – oh yeah, I forgot to answer – we are planning on a year and a half. Time will tell how long we are really there.

  4. January 3, 2009 9:05 pm

    Lola – maybe they have good jeans shopping there – pack up that kick butt camera of yours and come take pictures of your own monkeys – that way I can meet you. If you smuggle one back, well, I have no control over that.

    Badass – Interesting is a good word, isn’t it? It is supposed to be safe and yes, if nothing else, it should be (very) interesting.

  5. January 3, 2009 6:31 am

    What an interesting experience this is going to be for all of you, especially your kids. I hope it is a safe place to be.

  6. January 2, 2009 6:15 pm

    Umm, can you catch a monkey and Fed-Ex him back to me?

    Seriously, though, how long are you going to be there? It seems like you’re not thinking permanently.

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