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I have a rep to protect…

November 17, 2008

You might not have guessed it by the high quality of my blog – but I am a one-woman show. That’s right, I market, publish, design, research, write, edit, and plagiarize (that is a joke) all by my lonesome. FYI – I was an English major – and my parents paid a lot of money for that degree. No, they did not actually “buy” my degree – but it was expensive for me to earn it. And, now that I am mostly a stay-at-home mom, they are not seeing a big return on their investment. SHHH!!! So, if you could just go ahead and help me out by letting me know if you see a typo, yeah, that’d be great.

Now, please don’t take that as poetic license to rip apart my content – you own a “back” and “delete” button for that. Remember, these are the cheap seats – this blog is free. Please don’t shoot the messenger. And, extra spaces, not so much. But, if I misspell something – ya gotta help a sista out. (Yes, I do realize that most of that last sentence was misspelled – I was going for effect or is that affect, I can’t remember.)


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