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Cat lovers of the world unite…I am sure you know where this going…

November 14, 2008

Let me introduce you to Queso. Sadly, she cannot go to India with us. She is a sweetheart and this really stinks – we are going to miss her. But she is diabetic – woah, that sounds complicated you say? Well, it is a little, but she requires no treatment. We found her to be insulin resistant -so she cannot take insulin. (do you like how I ‘splained that so clearly?) And, I wouldn’t recommend trying to get her back on it – she had seizures – it wasn’t good. Her biggest requirement is a constant full bowl of water and her litter to be cleaned out everyday – because after all, if you are constantly drinking water – well you know what happens next.



If she were a blogger, this would be her profile…

Hometown – none, I was a homeless kitty rescued by Mr. W

Favorite meal – did you say food – count me in – whatever is on sale is just fine  – and I cannot really have snacks (remember I am diabetic)

Lineage – I think my mother might have a been a tramp (my real mother – not my human mum), I don’t know my father – I was homeless after all

Tail – not so much – I am without one – but don’t worry, I was born without it, remember there was a disclaimer in an earlier post that no animals were harmed in the writing of this post – I can vouch for that

Claws – not so much in the front (I still have the back) – that wasn’t supposed to happen – so shhhh!

Indoor or Outdoor – definitely indoor but I love to sit in an open window

Health – well, minus diabetes, very healthy – all of my shots are up-to-date

Weight – that’s a little personal, but shall we say I am fluffy? Okay – if you must know, I weigh 11 pounds. I will admit I am a little short for my weight.

Purr ability – off the charts

Snuggability – off the charts

Kid Friendly – I live here don’t I – I love me some chilrens.

Cat/Dog Friendly – yeah baby – I have got it goin’ on

IQ – well, I don’t have a pedigree (think about that one – it was funny) but I am smart enough to love my family very much

Facebook login – I don’t have a page yet – my mom thinks I am little young – but if this plea doesn’t work out I might have to explore my options

Ability to return home to my owners when they get back – Absolutely, but they will also completely understand if you fall in love with me and cannot bear to return me to them

Warning – I can pass gas with the best of them – but if you have a man/boy in the house, you have experienced this little marvel of science already.

My mom might have a friend who is willing to take me in and she is talking to her this weekend.

But, just in case that is a “not so much” she didn’t want to leave finding me a home to the last minute – so if you haven’t hit “back” yet to get the heck off this page before your kids walk into the room, please let my mom know if you think I can live with you – either temporarily or permanently.

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