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If you give a mouse a cookie – it’s been that kind of day

November 11, 2008

Every now and then, they all get along….

This afternoon, we did not have a lot to do. That is unusual for us. We are a busy group. So it was a treat. But I wasn’t going to let the kids off that easy. They had to clean out the car. Plain and simple. Or it was going to turn into a science experience gone awry. I could imagine Child Protective Services potentially knocking on the door, with some news reporter at the ready to capture it all. And the neighbors standing, watching, shaking their heads. “She seemed so nice, even baked us Christmas cookies,” they would mumble. Yes, it really was that bad – the car is a mess.

So out to the car they went – to clean it. It started off really good – they didn’t even complain too much. But then, well – have you ever read the “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie” books? If so, picture that. If you haven’t, imagine a mouse starting off wanting cookie and ending up in a tree house by way of a carnival. Still not clear? Let me explain.

The kids left the house with the sincere intention of cleaning out the car. They even got a trash bag and opened the car doors. Some of the car crapola even made it into the trash bag. But distraction set in and they quickly forgot what they were supposed to be doing. They played a little basketball. They climbed a tree. They chased the cat. They did remember to bring in the groceries – forgot to put them away – but brought them in. What can I say, they are not exactly over-achievers in the chore department. Then they started raking leaves.

Don’t be too impressed. They wanted to rake the leaves into piles so that they could jump in them. And jump they did. They covered themselves in leaves, they threw leaves in the air, and, oh, how they laughed. They even asked me to take some pictures. That never happens. When they were done, the leaves were pretty much still scattered all over the place and the car doors were still open.


While they were outside it got dark and the temperature dropped fast. So they came in for hot chocolate. Spilled it all over the counter. But drank every drop (at least those that had not mysteriously fallen out of the cup.)

They had a lot of fun squirting whip cream into each other’s mouth – thank you hubby for teaching them that neat little trick. Then they took a shower and put on their footie pajamas.

Let the games begin. Yep, they started sliding down the stairs. More laughing. I was trying not to listen too closely – better not to know too much about some things. You can claim innocence later when Child Protective Services actually shows up. But really, I was laughing harder than anyone. The neighbors shut their blinds – excellent – no witnesses to the chaos.

On to the Halloween candy – and right before bed time, too. Yippee! No better way to follow a whip cream shot than by shoving 20 pieces of sugar down your yapper right before it’s time to try and fall asleep – and all on a school night. Brilliant. They spent the next 45 minutes stretched out on the kitchen floor making up jokes about the candy.

Bear: What is the sun’s favorite candy?
Flower: A starburst.
Angel: Oh, can I eat it?
More laughing.

The jokes were horrible so I won’t make you crazy by repeating them all.

Today was a gift. They never made it back to the car – I, however, did remember to close the doors and put the still  messy car back in the garage. What the heck, it will just get dirty again tomorrow.

Disclaimer: Hubby did not like the the reference to CPS – he asked me to take it out and marriage is about compromise – so I am leaving it in (remember, I am moving to India so I get a little latitude in all of the  other departments, especially my own blog content) – but I will tell you that he wants you to know I was trying to be funny (and he thinks I failed miserably in that section – the rest of it was funny just not that part) and that CPS has never been to our house and no children or animals were harmed in the writing of this post.

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  1. November 13, 2008 10:17 am

    Your comment went to spam – I don’t know why – and yes I did misspell brilliant – maybe that’s because I am – hee hee

  2. Carol E. Graham permalink
    November 13, 2008 10:07 am

    You realize I gave you a couple opportunities to sensor my last comments 🙂

  3. November 12, 2008 10:18 pm

    there aren’t enough days in the year to actually get that car cleaned out! 😎

  4. November 12, 2008 10:23 am

    there will be lots more days to clean out the car but so few days of autumn leaves.

    LOVING the new blog!

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