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And, yet, they can send a man to the moon…

November 9, 2008

They can send a man to the moon – but they can’t make fashion that actually makes sense. Seriously, why can’t I find a t-shirt that goes with my jeans? Or should I say goes OVER my jeans. I feel like I need garanimals to match up the right sizes. Either the jeans are too low – indicated by a zipper that is only one inch long – or the t-shirt is too short – painfully obvious – or both. I have sadly begun to face the reality that not everything could have shrunk in the dryer. They have finally come out with some longer t-shirts for us tummy- challenged moms – but they are so thin it is like wearing saran wrap. They almost look wet. Not good.

I was hoping that they have solved this problem in India and then I realized they have. They wear a beautiful garment called a sari and they throw tummy concerns to the wind. It seems that Indian women are extremely modest – I was told to leave all my shorts at home because they will not show their knees – but that belly fat – let it hang. Yahoo! I should fit right in.


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