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a dear friend knows you well, and loves you anyway…

November 9, 2008

Last night I got to spend time with my college friends and it was a gift beyond measure. Each one of them has touched my life in ways they can never fully realize. Last night was no exception – even in our crazy, over-scheduled lives, they each made coming to Mrs. S’s a priority and some came pretty far to be there. Some are in the midst of their own crazy adventures – this thing called life can keep us all busy. Spending time with them was fabulous. We laughed until our sides hurt, we dreamed up potential for my family’s new apartment (and laughed about that too), we looked up people on facebook (not always a good idea when wine is involved), we ate way too much delicious Indian food, and we shared wonderful memories.

Last night I tested their friendship by thinking I had locked my keys in my car and not realizing it until 11pm. You will understand one of the reasons I love them so much when I tell you that they ALL sat with me until 12:30am when AAA arrived and unlocked my door. Seriously, no one left. I felt horrible and so grateful all at the same time. And no one seemed too ticked off when at 12:30am, I realized that I had actually left my keys in the house in my coat pocket. Apparently I wore a coat inside. And apparently, I put my keys in my pocket so I would know exactly where to find them when I left. Oops. (I owe my mother-in-law a big thank you on that one too, as I kept her and John up way passed their bedtime.)

No one was more surprised (and embarrassed) than moi. But really, what a gift that extra time with them truly was. Mrs. S had us laughing so hard we were literally in tears, baby M was cooing and smiling, and I soaked in every moment of it. I will miss them all tremendously when I am in India. I will miss seeing them several times a year. A few of them are planning a visit and I am crossing my fingers that it will actually happen. But, in the meantime, I know that when I come back, I can jump right back in and not miss a beat. Thank you ladies.

Thank you for your patience, your humor, your friendship, your ability to laugh at yourselves (ourselves), and your time. Last night was wonderful because of all of you and our time together is a memory I will pack in my heart and keep with me.



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